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In an era when change is the only constant, time has emerged as the single most important factor for competitive success. In a sincere effort to visualize potential problems in product performance and manufacture, and to carry out design modifications much faster and earlier in product life cycle Protosys technologies Private Ltd established itself as the first services bureau in the field of Rapid Prototyping in the year 1996. Based in Mumbai. , India , the objective of protosys is to provide access to a wider spectrum of industries ranging from large multinational corporates to the small innovatively inclined companies. The bureau thus enables small and medium sized companies to explore the newly emerging technology and take advantage of it without making the heavy investments required.

Protosys is spearheaded by a group of highly asute & professional people pursuing rising customer demands while they genuinely endeavor to reduce the risks associated with new product development essential to maintaining a competitive position in the market. The company can also provide short-run production of such parts in cast polyurethane materials. With the present capacity, Protosys targets at achieving a turnaround time of two days for a prototype, one weeks for the small batch production.

Applying the expertise and experience PROTOSYS TECHNOLOGIES has become indispensable for providing a better design feedback, improving quality assurance, reducing costs and compressing the concept market lead-time by 50% or more.

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