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Rapid Prototyping Techniques
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Protosys Technologies Pvt Ltd. provides Vacuum Casting as a major Prototype Tooling Option in Polyurethane’s, which resemble properties equivalent to PP, ABS, elastomers, and transparent. Silicone rubber molds have excellent chemical resistance, low shrinkage and high dimensional stability, making them suitable for producing parts in polyurethane by injection molding. Initially, a silicone rubber mold is made using the master sample obtained from Rapid Prototyping or readymade masters supplied by the customer.

Liquid Silicon rubber is cast around a RP master (preferably SLA ).After curing the Silicon block is cut open to form the core & cavity after the master removal.

Why Protosys Vacuum casted parts?

  • Functional plastic parts.
  • Wide range of polyurethane resins from elastomers to 30% GF Nylon
  • Various kinds of inserts possible
  • Different colours / shades possible


Mold Making
Pouring a mix of
Rubber & Catalyst

of Gates

Cutting the mold
along the parting line
Assembling the mold
Vacuum Casting

Mixing & Pouring
parts of
Under Vacuum
  Separating th mold Removing the parts

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Rapid Prototyping
Vacuum Casting
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