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Rapid Prototyping Techniques


Rapid Prototyping
SLA Rapid Prototyping

The RP techniques
currently available in the industry are described next. These includes, Stereo Lithography (SLA). Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).


Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting Machine

Protosys Technologies Pvt Ltd.
provides Vacuum Casting as a major Prototype Tooling Option in Polyurethane’s, which resemble properties equivalent to PP, ABS, elastomers.

Medical Models
Medical Rapid Prototyping

Medical Modeling Service is now
being provided in India by a Mumbai based company, Protosys.


Rapid Prototyping Technology

Rapid Prototyping - The Complete Solution

At any stage in your development cycle we can provide the solutions that meet your rapid prototyping needs.

We understand the importance of both the speed & quality. It is our aim to provide you with maximum added value.

Tooling Development
Concept model is required for review meeting.

3 D printing (ZCORP) part is the right solution.

Your product needs visual presentation at an exhibition.
Stereolithography (SLA) rapid prototyping parts are the ideal solution.
The parts need to be functionally tested.
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) & Fused Deposition Modelling
rapid prototyping parts make it possible.
10 - 15 replicas are required for market/internal testing next week.

Vacuum Casting is the right choice.

Full functional metal parts are required for rigorous trials.
Aluminium & Steel prototypes produced using Investment / Sand casting suffice the need


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