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Rapid Prototyping Techniques
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Produces parts directly from 3D CAD model; layer by layer similar to SLA but rather than liquid resin, powder is used. The CO2 Laser provides a concentrated heating beam which is traced over the tightly compacted layer of fine heat-fusible powder. This process is called sintering. The basic material consists of powder having properties of PA & GF PA.

SLS is the effective solution for

  • Fully functional prototypes & small series production.
  • Large & complex functional parts.
  • Rapid Manufacturing.


  • Fast
  • Durable & functional Parts.
  • Large & Complex parts.
  • Small series produced in one building process.

CO2 Laser
Laser Optics /
Scanning Mirror
Heat from CO2 laser fuses the powdered material

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Rapid Prototyping
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SLS Process
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